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  1. Hubert

    Ostie de tounne plate lol Mais en passant si vous retournez dans les années 80, y’a déjà eu quelques modèles de guits sans têtes, dans la même veine que les guitars-keyboards.

  2. brutality121


    « The story of ART OF WOR. . . As a very young man, (AOW‘s founding member) Fergus Hunt turned down a professional career as a Footballer to pursue Music full-time. Soon becoming despondent with his then wild and successful music career, he left it all to embark upon a journey to find the Purpose of Existence. This culminated in him becoming a mystic monk for 7 years. Then one day all alone in the wilderness, wretched and ecstatic from years of extreme self discipline, deprivation and solitude. Fergus received The Revelation of that Purpose. Thus ART of WOR was conceived. A time of prolific creativity ensued. The chosen “WORiors” were summoned. »

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