Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) part en guerre

Il est en calvaire contre l’industrie du piratage. Si vous pensiez que Lars Ulrich était juste un sale riche qui voulait faire plus d’argent en défendant la cause du piratage, eh bien sachez que Randy Blythe (qui doit avoir un compte en banque pas pire) est du même avis. Il est prêt à tout pour défendre son art. Sachez que je partage cette opinion à 100 milles à l’heure.

“I just FUCKING HATE IT when people refer to the stand Lars Ulrich took as greedy rockstar shit, cuz that WASN’T what it was all about. If someone had an unmixed, not completed version of “Resolution” and they threw that up on the Internet right now, I would sue the fuckers for EVERYTHING GODDAMNED PENNY they had and then some.

What I would say would make Lars Ulrich look like Mother-fucking-Theresa. People have NO RIGHT to take an unfinished I create & distribute it IN ANY WAY without my knowledge.

If someone does that, they are not only A) STEALING FROM ME, they are B) FUCKING WITH MY CREATIVE PROCESS. I will fucking fight tooth & nail to PROTECT WHAT I DO. ITS MINE. If I never want to release a track- I won’t. Some asshole shouldn’t be allowed to make DECISIONS FOR ME. Someone made a decision FOR Metallica without their consent. Why is Lars demonizes for being PISSED over that?

It’s like taking someone’s raw journal entry they were going to turn into a newspaper story & publishing it. It’s WRONG. If I was going to sue people whole stole my music, I would be DROWNING in litigation right now. It would be impossible.

But I SURE AS FUCK would sue ANYONE that released an UNFINISHED lamb of god product, one that I was NOT ready for the world to hear. I might go break their fucking knee caps too. Fuck ANYONE that can’t grasp that concept. DONT fuck with MY MUSIC.”

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